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Coyote Country Artist Spotlight-June

Jordan Robert Kirk of The Kirks




From, Jordan Robert Kirk has been touring and playing shows since 2014, predominantly in west Texas but other regions and states as well. Originally playing as a duo and occasionally a band, his wife Hartlee no longer plays live but remains a creative influence on the direction of the band. Unable to get too far from his roots in his life and his songs, Jordan was raised working on a cotton farm in Crosby County for his dad, a third generation cotton farmer. With a deep baritone that draws comparisons all over the map, and influences in bluegrass, honky tonk, gospel, and the blues, you might hear any or all of these influences in his music. Fresh out of the studio with a new single and an album on the way, JRK plans on continuing to expand his audience into the rest of Texas and beyond.


“I’m telling you guys, if there is a guy to get behind and support, Jordan Kirk won’t let you down! I’ve had the pleasure of personally knowing Jordan for a few years now and each time my family and I have heard him perform, it’s always been fun for the whole family. A family man himself, Jordan is a man of faith and absolutely dedicated to his incredible wife and kids. Many of the times we’ve watched the Kirks live, Jordan and the whole family where also there and I’ll just say that it’s been a great honor to watch this family grow, with faith, love, and great music at its core. The Kirks will be opening up for Johnny Lee’s 2nd Annual Birthday Bash with his Urban Cowboy Band here in Gail on June 30 at The Legendary Coyote Store—so, if you haven’t been to a Kirks show, find a spot on the calendar and make the trip. Take the family…the whole family…cause like I said, Jordan Kirk won’t let you down!”


The Kirks’ latest single, Pine Box, can be purchased by clicking the following link:

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