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Dale Phillips and his brother Rocky formed the Suthern Comfort Band in Houston around 1973. Two of the earliest central players were Dan Brock on drums and Craig Klein on bass. There were good times to be had by all back in those days – including the band. As we gained a bit of notoriety, the parties grew bigger and more intense. Finally, one night in the mid 1980s Dale found Jesus and the crazy days came to a screeching halt. However, that’s not the end of the story. Brother Rocky went on to have a successful career playing guitar with Johnny Rodriguez while Dale took a job as the band leader for Mundo Earwood. After more than 30 years of making music together, sadly Mundo went home to be with the Lord. Unfortunately, his brother Rocky had also passed away a few years earlier. So now Dale finds himself back on his own, trying to find his own voice – the one he sought so many years ago. The release of the CD “I’m from Texas” marks the beginning of this new journey. He invites you to travel along and share the joy of the ride!
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Here is a quote from Dale about his latest single, ‘Pickin’ Up Cans’, “I’ve been down and out a few times, but I’ve never been quite to the level of homelessness. In an effort to understand this problem in our great country, I spent several months visiting with homeless people that I met through my travels. I found several common threads. Among them was the claim that they were temporarily living this lifestyle by choice and could still make their own way in life. ‘Pickin’ Up Cans’ is the story of one of those individuals.”